Be One In F!VE

♦ Applying to F!VE

Since 2016, Five Gaming have promoted teams inside Esports, with games such as Paladins, League of Legends, Dota2 and Call of Duty.

Applicants that proceed to apply for Five Gaming go under intensive background evaluations and academy training, this takes place over a one-month period.

Due to a high application rate, we are currently receiving more than we expected, recruits that join Five Gaming Academy will be able to play games against players that have formed more than a strong bond but a defensive relationship on the battleground, this is key to defense and attack.

If you are interested in joining Five Gaming Esports, please fill in the provided template and we will be contacting you via email shortly when your application gets reviewed.

Training Times

please note time zone is default BST

Monday - No Training -
Tuesday 19:00 > 21:00
Wednesday 19:00 > 21:00
Friday 19:00 > 21:00
Saturday 19:00 > 21:00
Sunday - No Training -

♦ Personal Info :
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Age *Age should not be less than 18 due to network standards
Languages spoken *Use , or - between languages if more than one is available
About You *Tell us a little bit about you i.e previous experiences, how are you in working as a team

♦ Social Accounts :

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Discord *Provide as follow: Username#ID
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♦ Game Related :
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Game to apply for
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