FIVE at EGX2018

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EGX 2018 Started off with a bang, a large host of events, social trail hunts and new showcases of what is to come to the gaming community and market, with small events such as Build a PC, offering a chance to build a full system in under 4 minutes and 18 seconds hosted by CyberPower PC and a large showcase for the new Intel I9 CPU.

Starting the week we had a large excitement of first-time players and returning players attending the Paladins booth.

Five Esports player WoFair attended this event with Hi-Rez to represent the community further at the event, having this to say.

“EGX2018 was a blast, showcasing paladins not just on stage but also on the booth gave a great indication to what the console community want from our the Evilmojo development team for all consoles, meeting people from all over the UK and Europe has been a great experience for me in terms of connecting with the community and showing players how to advance and upscale their builds and also their playstyle, I remember a group of gents from day one tested Paladins on the switch and later that night after the show ended, installed and played for over five hours straight Paladins on the switch with all five gents partied up, but the crème de la crème of the entire event, was the connection between those who have never played the game and have never thought to play it, and helping their progression through the starting entrance to the realm.”

WoFair is due to attend more events around the UK to help promote paladins not just on the Nintendo Switch, but also at Gaming Arenas in your or our local area, for more information on when WoFair will be at your local arena, follow him on twitter here @WoFairUK and check for the tweet #FiveAtArena.