FIVE Esports Paladins Team Re-Configure

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We are having a quick change so we thought you should know.

During the past 9 months we have developed a crucial training academy within our organization, under these circumstances we are now developing a new roster that will work within current OB62 and further patches, all members are re-taking the academy training to further increase visual and sound training helping to aid and further develop the senses needed for Esports.

Over 600+ applicants have submitted themselves into the academy during 2017 and only a few successors have been recruited into the new academy training.

With office staff in England and Western Europe, we are able to broaden our training times and schedule internationally, including our high influx of public relations work.

New sponsors are to be included within the 2018 season, including a new design of our team’s jerseys and player wear.

Five Gaming Esports holds one of the highest open application programs inside the Esports and professional gaming community.

For information on how to apply follow the link provided below